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24/7 大发体育官网注册软件 for websites, blogs, themes, plugins & WooCommerce by a professional WP team. Call now to ask us any question for support on your website, we can help you to:

  • Speed up your website
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  • Fix & Resolve WP Errors
  • Recover Hacked WP Website
  • Secure and Protect Your Website
  • Remove Malware & Malicious Codes

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Our WordPress support engineers provides 24x7 technical assistance to resolve all your website problems,
from error resolution to WP installation & set up, enhancing security, theme customization, fixing plugins and errors, we do it all.


We can help you to fix fatal error, syntax and parse error, 404 not found, 500 internal server error, 502 error, etc.


Got a theme? We can customize any theme to perfectly suit your business needs. Just call us today.


If your website loads very slowly, we can increase the speed of your site and optimize the performance of your website.


Is your site hacked? We can recover & fix your hacked website in just very quick time, connect with our experts today.


Get your website free from bugs & malwares today, we can quickly remove all your malware issues and malicious codes.


Facing issue with a WP plugin? We provide WordPress help to fix or customize any WP plugin.


Hardening WordPress is a complex process through which we can help in reducing the risk & vulnerabilities present in your site.


To properly install & configure SSL (HTTPS) certs with a green padlock sign which encrypts the connection of site, call us.


For any theme installation or setting up core WordPress properly with all the necessary requirements, get in touch with us.


We offer complete support solutions for your websites. Whether you are looking to maintain or fix your current website or need help on new website design 大发体育官网官方注册

About Geometricbox help services and website maintenance by experts

As an experienced website maintenance company we know how to resolve WordPress issues fast.

Based in New York, at GeometricBox our customers were able to focus more on their core business activities rather than spending time on fixing their website which made them more confident in presenting their services or products online.


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Launched in 2003, WordPress is one of the most popular open source 大发体育官网官网代理 for building and managing websites, it powers more than 30% of websites currently present on the internet across the globe. It is based on PHP & MySQL and best runs on the LAMP based architecture, though it is also compatible on Windows based platforms too.

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Just $55/HR for one time fix of your WordPress issues.
We also offer 大发体育官网官网 which varies with the complexity of issue.
To know One Flat Pricing for your work please Call 1-877-994-9757大发体育官网娱乐平台
We can resolve all types of WP errors and problems.
We offer guaranteed service with 大发体育官网官网娱乐.


With such costing its hard to get custom WP website design service, 大发体育官网官网娱乐.
All our WP website design packages are highly customized to suite your business needs.


$ 379,99

  • Upto 10 pages
  • Customized Free Theme
  • Site + Blog
  • No Free Hosting & Domain
  • Mobile Friendly, Fully Responsive
  • No Free Logo Design
  • Free 1 Month Assistance
  • SEO Friendly


$ 499,99

  • Upto 25 pages
  • Customized Premium Theme
  • Site + Blog/Magazine
  • No Free Hosting & Domain
  • Mobile Friendly, Fully Responsive
  • Free Logo Design.
  • Free 2 Months Assistance
  • SEO Friendly


$ 759,99

  • Upto 40 pages
  • Customized Premium Theme
  • Site + Blog/Magazine
  • Free Hosting & 1 Domain For 1 Yr.
  • Mobile Friendly, Fully Responsive
  • Free Logo & Stationary Design.
  • Free 3 Months Assistance
  • SEO Friendly


$ 1199,99

  • Upto 50 pages/products
  • Custom Design/Premium Theme
  • Site + Full Featured Shop + Blog
  • Free Hosting & 2 Domains For 1 Yr.
  • Mobile Friendly, Fully Responsive
  • Free Logo Design & Stationary Design.
  • Free 6 Months Assistance
  • SEO Friendly

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With our highly skilled and experienced developers you can also get WordPress support for designing a website, developing a custom plugin or theme, WooCommerce development, blog design or promoting your website, we offer complete solutions for:


Stunning graphics, modern look and fully responsive design with robust coding, delivering websites which converts.


Need a custom theme? We can develop high quality stunning looking fully responsive WP theme.


If you need any help with the WordPress plugins managment and development, we can provide customized solutions.


Get all-in-one solutions for your shopping site or store, offering fully managed services & support for WooCommerce, EDD, etc.


Got a site on WP and want to increase site traffic? We are expert in WordPress SEO, get a high visibility and rank better with us.


We develop highly customize Blogs / Magazine / Directory websites, get in touch with our design team today.

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Get answer to all common questions and queries for WP websites


In short, Yes. It is the most popular software and a content management system to build websites and is completely free to use and download, you can install it locally on your computer but to use WordPress on the web there are other costs associated with it, which are:

大发体育官网娱乐平台 - You need to purchase a domain name if you need a website address of your choice like

大发体育官网首页首页 - Now you have a domain, you also need a good web hosting to make your website live on the internet. Hosting has a recurring costs, there are different plans available with different hosting companies, you can select the desired plan as per your requirement or ask us to help you to choose one.

大发体育官网注册软件 - Even though there are thousands of plugins available for free on the WordPress repository through which you can extend the functionality of the core WordPress platform but anytime if you need a complex functionality for your website, purchasing a premium plugin or upgrading to pro version of the plugin will be necessary.

大发体育官网安卓线路 - Again if you have some custom requirement and no free or premium plugin can fulfill your this specific need then going for custom development work is the only solution, for which you need to hire a company having expertise in WordPress development work like us if you do not know WordPress codex and are not good with writing codes in PHP.

大发体育官网首页检测 - As WordPress is ever growing and evolving everyday with the help of community who contiributes to the development of WordPress codex for further enhancing the software and to remove bugs, there are always frequent updates with WordPress, plugins and themes which can affect the performance of your website and hence there will be requirement of properly maintaining the website on regular basis. If you cannot do it by your own or don't have enough time to manage the site, then we can help.

With our affordable monthly maintenance pricing you can get rid of all the expensive maintenance you are paying to other companies on regular basis, we can reduce your maintenance cost to 50%, call our team to know more on how we can assist you in reducing the costs.


The major difference between the two is that 大发体育官网官网娱乐, 大发体育官网地址官方 (also see - What is self-hosted WordPress?) 大发体育官网娱乐娱乐 Other than this comes with some restrictions related to plugin and themes installation and customization due to security concerns but as is a self hosted version and is under the control of your hosting account, you have no limitations of any sort and gives full freedom to install or use any third party theme and plugin to customize the look and feel of your website as per your requirement.


It is very simple, if you have signed up with any hosting services or company and paying monthly or annual fee to them to host your website then it means your website is based on and using package but if you are only paying annual fee to WordPress directly then it is clear that you own a website.


Self-hosted WordPress are those websites which are powered by platform, it needs to setup with any third-party hosting company for which you pay directly to your hosting provider for providing hosting services and web space to install WordPress software package which you can dowload for free from website. Self-hosted WordPress gives you more customization power related to themes and plugin installation, it also gives you the ability to modify the code of your website files as per your needs.

If you need any help for WordPress setup and installation on your hosting web space, please do contact us today.


大发体育官网官网娱乐 and there is no phone number for WordPress, all communication done is online, either through email or chat (chat is available only if you have a paid plan or upgrade with For or for your self hosted WordPress website you only have option of getting help through community support forums 大发体育官网官网检测.


There are many ways to get connected with WordPress engineers for getting 24/7 customer support but first you need to know on which WordPress (.com or .org) my website is based and accordingly choose your options below:

To contact with chat support which is available 24x7 for their paid customers, it is 5 days a week for Personal and Premium Plan but Business Plan users can contact on weekends too, for connecting with a specialist you need to:

  1. Login to your account - See Screenshot
  2. Click on "My Sites" on the top left of your account - See Screenshot
  3. Click on "Help Icon" located on the bottom right of your account screen - See Screenshot
  4. Select your site from the dropdown menu - See Screenshot
  5. Start typing in the chat box to initiate contact - See Screenshot

For more information you can also follow this detailed step by step guide for contacting support.

大发体育官网官网 is a good resource to get free help from experts if you have a self hosted WordPress website, all you need to do is:

  1. Create an account on website (if you don't have one) else you can simply login to continue.
  2. Click "Support" on the top and select "Forums"
  3. In the "Forums" first search for the question you have, it might be possible that your question or issue is already answered and have been resolved sucessfully by someone else.
  4. If you couldn't find any open or closed topic related to your issue, then create a new topic and post your question there. You need to wait for few hours or days before someone from the community replies to your question, if you have sufficient time then this a great way of getting free help.

大发体育官网官网娱乐 If you cannot wait for the replies on "Community Forum" and need quick resolution for your website then you need to hire a third party web developement company having expertise on WordPress like us to get instant premium support for your website.

大发体育官网首页首页We also provide support for websites but for this you need to first transfer your website to, we can help you in the transfer and migration process, both the platforms has their own advantages and disadvantages, we recommend that you should be aware of everything before making this move, for more info please see this Help FAQ above.


Without any doubt, our Number #1 pick is always WordPress 大发体育官网官方注册 Plugin which is available for free to dowload from WordPress plugins directory. Currently it has 1+ Million active installations. It has all the features of a basic to mid level contact form but if you have more complex requirements then there are various paid add-on and extensions available from third party developers to enhance the functionality of this free plugin.


To access or login to WordPress admin dashboard to manage your website, to change themes, install plugins, create posts and pages or to make any changes on your website you need to use the default WordPress login which is:


This login address will always work if everything is fine on your website but in any case if it doesn't work then you should try the second option as mentioned below, just make sure to replace with the actual name of your domain or website URL in both the examples.


大发体育官网首页检测 if the second option works and first option doesn't then it simply means that there is some problem with your WordPress login, to fix this issue you can always get in touch with us.


To make a click-to-call phone numbers in WordPress there are two ways:


You can write a small piece of HTML code to make a click-to-call number in WordPress, please see below:

<a href="tel:8779949757">Click to Call</a>

Just copy and paste the above code in your WordPress editor, make sure you are in Text mode of the editor and not in Visual mode and it will give you this output - Click to Call, also make sure you don't use dashes in between the phone digits and change the number with your own phone number.


For this make sure you are in the visual mode of Wordpress editor and perform the following steps:

  • 1. Write the phone number in the WordPress editor of the page or post where you want to display the number.
  • 2. Highlight the written text (number).
  • 3. Find and click "Hyperlink" icon button in the WordPress editor toolbar.
  • 4. Enter tel:phone digits - like tel:8779949757 without any dashes.
  • 5. Finally, click on apply link.


We are always here to assist you in developing a great website, no matter what's your requirement is just get in touch with us today to know more about our offerings.


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